Kids and Teenagers aren’t Adults


Annyeong Haseyo, Chingudul!

Books and others incompetents sources of science and healthy, since our days of school are cheating us in many things. Fake cures, fake sickness, fake growt…many cheating…

People follow their own mind and what they created on themselves hearts in majority of time, that’s why, they lose so much good in their living period.

Talking about kids and teenagers, the charging over them is too big. The adults around, as parents and others doesn’t notice the measure of ill that they are doing when moments called by them as “nonsense” or “desnecessary” are left in the life of their children.

Until reaching the 22 years old, NONE PERSON is able to bear “sacrifices” like, bear the trials of the spiritual life and also, aren’t able for having understanding, for their brain is yet reaching the process of mental maturity, what is need to understand for complete what is good and what is evil and choice the good path.

If you are noticing in Bible, Christ were not baptized in the age of youth, but yes, He started His ministry (Luke 3:23), He did not forced be a “worker” or a “priest” before it. Even a kid or teenager of good heart, that is not needing to teach something, do things without understanding, for the mind is not matured enough, if speak something is in innocence, for wisdom, without understanding is like a bucket with holes, can’t bear the water (good things) inside. That’s why, there’s a big and worried need to teaching them what to do and in a good path while they are young for choicing what kind of path they want when they 23 years arrives and then, they be able to do things, be good or bad, understanding and being responsible of what they are doing.

Teaching doesn’t mean to go to school only or just saying what they must to do, but yes, giving good example to them of yourself acts (for a mind without understanding can misinterpreting and growing adding evil at heart), privating of listening talks of elder people (for adding not confuse things on mind and heart, as, you are saying evil of everybody, your less 22 years old child can think that only him or you has value in this life), and saying everything, be since good advices till showing in games, true things with proves of what you are saying, and there’s no better thing than do it through the Bible (Jonh 17:17).

Medicine says that a child don’t need the love of parents starting his 6 years old, but this is a lie! So, did God only listened your prayers until your 6 years old? No! According to God, the wisdom source, until you die, you must love your children (I Peter 1:22), it is including your children too  in the middle of “everybody”.

Seeing the way the mother is, some children can do things like little oppressors, just to get home, food and high position for free. They become in a state worse than the moms that gives then support too, just to losing not the benefits for free that is obtaining. This is too bad to building the personality of someone.

Also, there are those parents that are busy sleeping, smoking and don’t care in teaching anything good for their children, but, when they are leaving for some place with them, if the kid speak something right against the atitude of the parents, they start, in the front of others, mistreat the children with words, to show to others that they have authority on the children. This is what will make your children hates more the family living for the shame and unwisdom of the parents.

Blaming not  them for something they didn’t, threating not them for things that aren’t prohibited to do, sheltering them with love when they are in some trial is important to you, for your reward with God is guaranteed (Hebbrews 6:10) and also, you are saving someone from the fire that can bring more perdition to him (James 5:20). But, how more you ignore your son that is rebeling for other people are giving him impediments and you do anything for comforting him, you are helping to both of you have short days-time (Psalms 37:9)

We can’t charge a heavy burden to less 22 years old people. How they can be guilty of things they don’t know or that even knowing, they don’t understand why are doing? Respect time, is a wisdom given by God, for God, Himself knows how to respect the time of everybody and of everything He created (Ecclesiastes 3:1).

♥ In God, Christ and Holy Spirit,

Ameerah Josiane ♥

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