Fakebook, the Facebook: Living for Likes



Ni Hao Ma, Friends!

Facebook was to be something pleasurable for us to use. I mean, to know new people, to share good and happy things with others…but, unhappily, it is just turning the situation of many people to “Likes slaves”, “adding envy” in relatives and fellowmen and “giving impediment to who wants do what is good”. Also, to “promove racism” and a lot of fakeness under persons.

Younger people are very quickly brought for many “waves”; when they notice that their pictures and they comments are bringing them fame, they pass to live a fake like: in the front of others, they act of one way, but, on facebook, on their posts and “beautiful words” (that are pure fake only for getting likes), they are like the best persons of this world. Sure, all the hypocrites of this century, even by photos, we can know by the spirit and by their works when we meet them.

If you are white or post many pictures with people that has some position in the middle you live, it is for you like you passport for being honored, by things you don’t merit. When people meets those ones, they will use them to take photos and them, get a ride in their fame too, the people don’t love them; what they love are the amount of likes and comments like “wow” for being showed too as they was with artists.

Some, due to their skin and position popularity, are interviwered by websites on the same Facebook, where they say they are too kind and they don’t disturb anybody, but, this is a lie, for they get not keep it when they envy others that, even showing truth and are non hypocrites on this social network, on private chat, they do the possible to remove these humble people from their  good works, by their oppression.

Others, thinks that the worthy life is to live of the appearance of photos. Restaurants, planes and travels to every place of the world. But treating about the spiritual, they are totally empty but mouth read to kill everyone that can’t bring benefit for their rite of be living according to fatting their desires.

All these and much more evil acts, as, when someone of good heart is using Facebook to expose something that is bad to alert to others don’t fall in such trap, but people that only wants a life without prohibition calls for people without understanding and wisdom, they get block in that page the good work they do, are things that makes you as farest as possible from God (Hebrews 3:12), for, if your beliefs makes you commit acts that are reproved by God, so, you are a unbeliever to His words. Facebook is good. But when you know how to use it wisely.

Your life doesn’t interest to others. The good things we can show as a friendly word, good advices, verses from Bible, these are what people more need, for, what good money, travels and high positions used to bring envy and show your greed will bring to you in a possible future? Only a big fall from God (Matthew 23:12), for He has the control of everything and it is against His will that His creation commit self-exaltation (Job 4:8).

We had a better life when the kids, youngers and even adults had not Facebook accounts. Who has photoalbuns at home nowadays? The indices of rape in less age people was lesser than now. Social Networks like that brings a fake view of living to people and they are very prejudicial daily for also, nowadays, the number of hypocrites also incresead.

When we have the opportunity, let’s be wise in show photos, non sensual to give not the pleasure for weddings end and for you preserve your dignity; photos of your children that can bring shame to them (Ephesians 6:4); photos of you doing good works and saying that you are better than others (Matthew 6:2); photos and comments that in the front of others you are kind, but, behind to others, you are a demon (Matthew 15:8)…but let’s do everything with love, teaching good things we  know how to do, showing how we are seeking and those who finded God without hypocrisy, let’s make a good legacy while we are alive to suffering not and for our souls also suffering not in the future.







If you understand Portuguese, visit: http://ocaminhoantigo.tv/
If you understand English, visit: https://www.theoldpath.tv/
If you understand Spanish,visit: elcaminoantiguo.com/
If you understand Tagalog, visit: angdatingdaan.org/


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