Exortation is Part of the Piously Life

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 This post is a homenage to all those who denied the own life to live in dedication of the truth God presented to us in His Holy Book, the Bible, we, the sufering partners of all those served God since Adan until the last days of our lives.

 One day, Christ, by God’s help (John 7:17) called from their work, some man, which God had reserved to the service in His favor (Matthew 4:18-19). By the spirit of God, they abandoned all and followed Christ (Matthew 4:20). This happened in the times of the first Christian men, and also, before Christ came, when His choosen ones, by His voice (1 Samuel 16:6-12) completed His will in calling those He separated for His service in Earth.

             Separate workers, diacons, preachers for serving God is work of God to do, if some of His choosen ones choice some men for His service, he can’t be doing it alone for following the self-mind, but yes, need do it by the Spirit of God, for God is the only who looks the heart, even a man obeying His will, it is still God who is sending, because the man is only instrument of God and as Christ said in Luke 10:2, God is who sent in every case. 

             Nobody can take the glory of one sent by God, or be a self-proclamed “man” or “instrument” for God service (Hebrew 5:4). This is an extense and hard work you must do, it is not to anyone just because “thinks it is beautiful” or because “wants be rich” or because “wears smoking”. If your called is to be lawyer, you will have a “bad trip” if you become a doctor. If your called is to be movie director, you will not succeed in being and restaurant owner. The same, God knows how to choose and how to prepare those He knows that will not deny in work for the salvation of nations in this earth (1 Timothy 1:12).

                Anyway, these persons that are the choosen ones by God, needs have a strong spiritual power (Joshua 1:9) for the wisdom they gain, they need to be able of conduce diligently people for the truth path (John 10:4), and find all kinds of dangers (2 Corinthians 11:26), for are persons like them that Satan wishes destroy (1 Timothy 3:7) for interruption of the good works of God’s service in Earth (1 Timothy 1:3/6-7).

               Awake at 4am to read the Bible, just to learn more to leaving no one without answer, dont work for dedicating to study and live a life worth of Christ pupil, front wish of eat something for having not money are some of the countless things those choosen people do. Those who are really called by God and are living the true piously life with Christ (1 Timothy 3:12).

              More, living taking care of the others for nobody be lost (Acts 20:28) for the love of God, and for the same love, nothing more matters, only complete the career given by God (Acts 20:24), for having the name on Book of Life to be on Paradise (Revelation 21:27). 

                Many times, as apostol Paul was weak, they also become weak, because they also are humans (1 Corinthians 2:3) as him. Who is preaching also needs be exorted, who is taking care of the others with all wisdom also needs be exorted? Sure, if you observe, the life of them is full of persecutions (2 Timothy 3:11) and sickness (1 Timothy 5:23) due to the service to God, many times, those persons also wishing listen the same words that they preach to others. 

                The needing of exorting them too, is something that brings them happiness for the people is practicing the mercy they had taught,  and this good joy is what makes them strong too. It is part of our obligation, for words of exortation, brings life when they come from other righteous people (Romans 12:13/ Proverbs 15:4).

                 Some people thinks that these assigned by God have an easy life for exercising a kind of work different of the normal human routine, that’s why, even having the right of sleep, eat, have at least one hour of fun, as everybody has, others look to them and prefer pervert their rights (1 Corinthians 9:4-8). They denyed everything, even their own lives to dedicate to service of the salvation in favor of God, do they have not rights as everybody? Sure they have, that’s why we don’t must to disturb nobody that is called by God or, we are acting as God’s enemies (Genesis 12:3).

                      Never deny one exortation word or sentence to someone who humiliates the own life for your life be great (2 Corinthians 11:7); You can be poor and have nothing of good to show to them, but one word that comes from a pure and clean heart has a life value for who is needing listen it, be a strong person or a weak one (Proverbs 15:4).









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