Kids and Teenagers aren’t Adults


Annyeong Haseyo, Chingudul!

Books and others incompetents sources of science and healthy, since our days of school are cheating us in many things. Fake cures, fake sickness, fake growt…many cheating…

People follow their own mind and what they created on themselves hearts in majority of time, that’s why, they lose so much good in their living period.

Talking about kids and teenagers, the charging over them is too big. The adults around, as parents and others doesn’t notice the measure of ill that they are doing when moments called by them as “nonsense” or “desnecessary” are left in the life of their children.

Until reaching the 22 years old, NONE PERSON is able to bear “sacrifices” like, bear the trials of the spiritual life and also, aren’t able for having understanding, for their brain is yet reaching the process of mental maturity, what is need to understand for complete what is good and what is evil and choice the good path.

If you are noticing in Bible, Christ were not baptized in the age of youth, but yes, He started His ministry (Luke 3:23), He did not forced be a “worker” or a “priest” before it. Even a kid or teenager of good heart, that is not needing to teach something, do things without understanding, for the mind is not matured enough, if speak something is in innocence, for wisdom, without understanding is like a bucket with holes, can’t bear the water (good things) inside. That’s why, there’s a big and worried need to teaching them what to do and in a good path while they are young for choicing what kind of path they want when they 23 years arrives and then, they be able to do things, be good or bad, understanding and being responsible of what they are doing.

Teaching doesn’t mean to go to school only or just saying what they must to do, but yes, giving good example to them of yourself acts (for a mind without understanding can misinterpreting and growing adding evil at heart), privating of listening talks of elder people (for adding not confuse things on mind and heart, as, you are saying evil of everybody, your less 22 years old child can think that only him or you has value in this life), and saying everything, be since good advices till showing in games, true things with proves of what you are saying, and there’s no better thing than do it through the Bible (Jonh 17:17).

Medicine says that a child don’t need the love of parents starting his 6 years old, but this is a lie! So, did God only listened your prayers until your 6 years old? No! According to God, the wisdom source, until you die, you must love your children (I Peter 1:22), it is including your children too  in the middle of “everybody”.

Seeing the way the mother is, some children can do things like little oppressors, just to get home, food and high position for free. They become in a state worse than the moms that gives then support too, just to losing not the benefits for free that is obtaining. This is too bad to building the personality of someone.

Also, there are those parents that are busy sleeping, smoking and don’t care in teaching anything good for their children, but, when they are leaving for some place with them, if the kid speak something right against the atitude of the parents, they start, in the front of others, mistreat the children with words, to show to others that they have authority on the children. This is what will make your children hates more the family living for the shame and unwisdom of the parents.

Blaming not  them for something they didn’t, threating not them for things that aren’t prohibited to do, sheltering them with love when they are in some trial is important to you, for your reward with God is guaranteed (Hebbrews 6:10) and also, you are saving someone from the fire that can bring more perdition to him (James 5:20). But, how more you ignore your son that is rebeling for other people are giving him impediments and you do anything for comforting him, you are helping to both of you have short days-time (Psalms 37:9)

We can’t charge a heavy burden to less 22 years old people. How they can be guilty of things they don’t know or that even knowing, they don’t understand why are doing? Respect time, is a wisdom given by God, for God, Himself knows how to respect the time of everybody and of everything He created (Ecclesiastes 3:1).

♥ In God, Christ and Holy Spirit,

Ameerah Josiane ♥

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Fakebook, the Facebook: Living for Likes



Ni Hao Ma, Friends!

Facebook was to be something pleasurable for us to use. I mean, to know new people, to share good and happy things with others…but, unhappily, it is just turning the situation of many people to “Likes slaves”, “adding envy” in relatives and fellowmen and “giving impediment to who wants do what is good”. Also, to “promove racism” and a lot of fakeness under persons.

Younger people are very quickly brought for many “waves”; when they notice that their pictures and they comments are bringing them fame, they pass to live a fake like: in the front of others, they act of one way, but, on facebook, on their posts and “beautiful words” (that are pure fake only for getting likes), they are like the best persons of this world. Sure, all the hypocrites of this century, even by photos, we can know by the spirit and by their works when we meet them.

If you are white or post many pictures with people that has some position in the middle you live, it is for you like you passport for being honored, by things you don’t merit. When people meets those ones, they will use them to take photos and them, get a ride in their fame too, the people don’t love them; what they love are the amount of likes and comments like “wow” for being showed too as they was with artists.

Some, due to their skin and position popularity, are interviwered by websites on the same Facebook, where they say they are too kind and they don’t disturb anybody, but, this is a lie, for they get not keep it when they envy others that, even showing truth and are non hypocrites on this social network, on private chat, they do the possible to remove these humble people from their  good works, by their oppression.

Others, thinks that the worthy life is to live of the appearance of photos. Restaurants, planes and travels to every place of the world. But treating about the spiritual, they are totally empty but mouth read to kill everyone that can’t bring benefit for their rite of be living according to fatting their desires.

All these and much more evil acts, as, when someone of good heart is using Facebook to expose something that is bad to alert to others don’t fall in such trap, but people that only wants a life without prohibition calls for people without understanding and wisdom, they get block in that page the good work they do, are things that makes you as farest as possible from God (Hebrews 3:12), for, if your beliefs makes you commit acts that are reproved by God, so, you are a unbeliever to His words. Facebook is good. But when you know how to use it wisely.

Your life doesn’t interest to others. The good things we can show as a friendly word, good advices, verses from Bible, these are what people more need, for, what good money, travels and high positions used to bring envy and show your greed will bring to you in a possible future? Only a big fall from God (Matthew 23:12), for He has the control of everything and it is against His will that His creation commit self-exaltation (Job 4:8).

We had a better life when the kids, youngers and even adults had not Facebook accounts. Who has photoalbuns at home nowadays? The indices of rape in less age people was lesser than now. Social Networks like that brings a fake view of living to people and they are very prejudicial daily for also, nowadays, the number of hypocrites also incresead.

When we have the opportunity, let’s be wise in show photos, non sensual to give not the pleasure for weddings end and for you preserve your dignity; photos of your children that can bring shame to them (Ephesians 6:4); photos of you doing good works and saying that you are better than others (Matthew 6:2); photos and comments that in the front of others you are kind, but, behind to others, you are a demon (Matthew 15:8)…but let’s do everything with love, teaching good things we  know how to do, showing how we are seeking and those who finded God without hypocrisy, let’s make a good legacy while we are alive to suffering not and for our souls also suffering not in the future.







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Exortation is Part of the Piously Life

Cute Coffee Love

Bom dia, Friends!

 This post is a homenage to all those who denied the own life to live in dedication of the truth God presented to us in His Holy Book, the Bible, we, the sufering partners of all those served God since Adan until the last days of our lives.

 One day, Christ, by God’s help (John 7:17) called from their work, some man, which God had reserved to the service in His favor (Matthew 4:18-19). By the spirit of God, they abandoned all and followed Christ (Matthew 4:20). This happened in the times of the first Christian men, and also, before Christ came, when His choosen ones, by His voice (1 Samuel 16:6-12) completed His will in calling those He separated for His service in Earth.

             Separate workers, diacons, preachers for serving God is work of God to do, if some of His choosen ones choice some men for His service, he can’t be doing it alone for following the self-mind, but yes, need do it by the Spirit of God, for God is the only who looks the heart, even a man obeying His will, it is still God who is sending, because the man is only instrument of God and as Christ said in Luke 10:2, God is who sent in every case. 

             Nobody can take the glory of one sent by God, or be a self-proclamed “man” or “instrument” for God service (Hebrew 5:4). This is an extense and hard work you must do, it is not to anyone just because “thinks it is beautiful” or because “wants be rich” or because “wears smoking”. If your called is to be lawyer, you will have a “bad trip” if you become a doctor. If your called is to be movie director, you will not succeed in being and restaurant owner. The same, God knows how to choose and how to prepare those He knows that will not deny in work for the salvation of nations in this earth (1 Timothy 1:12).

                Anyway, these persons that are the choosen ones by God, needs have a strong spiritual power (Joshua 1:9) for the wisdom they gain, they need to be able of conduce diligently people for the truth path (John 10:4), and find all kinds of dangers (2 Corinthians 11:26), for are persons like them that Satan wishes destroy (1 Timothy 3:7) for interruption of the good works of God’s service in Earth (1 Timothy 1:3/6-7).

               Awake at 4am to read the Bible, just to learn more to leaving no one without answer, dont work for dedicating to study and live a life worth of Christ pupil, front wish of eat something for having not money are some of the countless things those choosen people do. Those who are really called by God and are living the true piously life with Christ (1 Timothy 3:12).

              More, living taking care of the others for nobody be lost (Acts 20:28) for the love of God, and for the same love, nothing more matters, only complete the career given by God (Acts 20:24), for having the name on Book of Life to be on Paradise (Revelation 21:27). 

                Many times, as apostol Paul was weak, they also become weak, because they also are humans (1 Corinthians 2:3) as him. Who is preaching also needs be exorted, who is taking care of the others with all wisdom also needs be exorted? Sure, if you observe, the life of them is full of persecutions (2 Timothy 3:11) and sickness (1 Timothy 5:23) due to the service to God, many times, those persons also wishing listen the same words that they preach to others. 

                The needing of exorting them too, is something that brings them happiness for the people is practicing the mercy they had taught,  and this good joy is what makes them strong too. It is part of our obligation, for words of exortation, brings life when they come from other righteous people (Romans 12:13/ Proverbs 15:4).

                 Some people thinks that these assigned by God have an easy life for exercising a kind of work different of the normal human routine, that’s why, even having the right of sleep, eat, have at least one hour of fun, as everybody has, others look to them and prefer pervert their rights (1 Corinthians 9:4-8). They denyed everything, even their own lives to dedicate to service of the salvation in favor of God, do they have not rights as everybody? Sure they have, that’s why we don’t must to disturb nobody that is called by God or, we are acting as God’s enemies (Genesis 12:3).

                      Never deny one exortation word or sentence to someone who humiliates the own life for your life be great (2 Corinthians 11:7); You can be poor and have nothing of good to show to them, but one word that comes from a pure and clean heart has a life value for who is needing listen it, be a strong person or a weak one (Proverbs 15:4).









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♥ Broken Vases doesn’t Serve the Lord ♥

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Ni Hao Ma, Friends!

Service to God is something that we must do with love and faithfulness (Psalms 85:10), a service that produces fruits of justice and peace, when made with equity and righteousness in heart, mind, body, soul and spirit (Romans 12:1-2).

Being called “People of God” (1 Peter 2:10), we have  big responsibilities brough: the responsibility of take care for self salvation (Hebrews 5:9) and the responsibilities of take care for the salvation of our fellowmen (Revelation 7:9).

Reading the Bible, we can’t read that our service to God must be done untidy, or, if we do it according evil hearts patterns, I mean, according the though: “There’s no need for this” or “God is not seeing this”, we are cursed persons (Jeremiah 48:10).

With love, dressed of love (Proverbs 3:3) is the way we must do our service to God and if it is with love, the perfection will be together (Colossians 3:14), because love is the what ties the perfection.

How a person can do everything untidy and yet thinks that  is serving God and the reward will be good? They think that God is seeing their heart, but, this is excuses of persons that have pleasure in sinning (John 15:22), and sure God is seeing their hearts…that are full of evil purposes (Proverbs 28:5/ Jeremiah 17:9-10), nobody has how to treat of God as somebody who can be cheated like a man (Galatians 6:7) or create for himself an image of what God is (Isaiah 55:8-9). If we want know who is God, we have the Bible as our guide (Revelation 22:18-19).

Bible is not a book that brings pride to the man. Many men uses it of the wrong way (1 Timoteo 1:8), but the diligence of use the Bible, just bring the peace in his life in earth and in the future, salvation for the soul (1 Peter 2:2), when his life is worth of the Gospel path (Philippians 1:27), if it is worth of the Gospel, so, all the works must be done in love and perfection (1 Corinthians 16:14).


With Love and Peace




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♥ 내귀에 캔디, It’s Really Showtime! ♥


안녕하세요, friends!

This week, we, eels from whole world had the opportunity of watching the program in TVN Korea called 내귀에 캔디 (My ear’s candy), which celebrities shares talks with someone in cellphone, and one of these one invited is our beloved Asia Prince Jang Keun Suk.

All those who get watch Thursday at Korean Time 11am, could watch the reprise this Saturday. We have 2 days of joy, seeing our Prince in his natural, sharing smiles, laughing, eating and expressing his cuteness, friendliness and charisma. Sure, all these things makes us feel nearest him.

If you want watch the episodes of My ear’s candy program and is out of South Korea, just access this link (turn off your we chat accounts for better streaming): , and have joy!

Also, who remember of his concert “It’s ShowTime”? Who was not living in China could watch it from Huajiao app, and for killing our loging, after the concert, on Huajiao live stream, he presented himself with much happiness, even tired of the evening concert.


The concert had the theme “Casino”, and the handsome with the sweetness of Keun Seok turned us, his fans to have a happy Saturday.


After some songs sang by him, he had a sweet talk (with Chinese translation….lucky chinese girl), presenting us with love and dedication.


One of the sweetes moments, were when the cakes and the gifts for him was delivered. I wish I also could give one of that cards signed to him, anyway, as the concert was played soon of his birthday, he gave a gift for us and we, retributed with love and support to him.

Jang Keun Suk Cute

I took many pictures since his concert started until the end (I mean, the final after the concert), and at next day, he once again opened the live stream in Huajiao for sharing his going to airport.

Cake Jang Keun Suk

We wish you not only this birthday be happy, but also, all the days of his life be used with wisdom and love, may his good works never cease and may his love increase each time more.


With Love and Happiness

♥ When all Ways are Closed to You ♥

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Ni hao Ma, Friends!

Let’s don’t be fake with ourselves: if we are persons that are in some run to what is good, I mean, as the justice and the salvation, sure, we will find many situations very strangers in our paths (1 Peter 4:12).

Friends, let’s talk frankly, we are in a dangerous world. A world which each one is following the self mind, that’s why the justice is often perverted and the righteouss is daily oppressed (Psalms 56:1/ Deuteronomy 16:19).

The Bible is the only worth-of-justice book existent, and forever will be. There, if you read, you will learn about the conduct code of survive for a human being while he is alive in this earth. How to prove? Simple, read it and start to practice what is for the people of today (NIV recommend).

When we are running for a cause of justice, as some course, some diplom, some title, some good work, some study, some way of use to good the gifts you have, you simply will need for Divine strenght, spiritual high and wisdom from God in elevated deegree because what you will front exced the capacity of though of a human being (1 Peter 4:12).

When we have a gift that we can exerce with perfection, this is something that doesn’t come from ourselves, but yes, from God (James 1:17), so, we can’t be boasting if we know how to sing, how to dance, how to teach; what we must to do is to be thankful to God, from the botton of our hearts, without hipocrisy and act without hipocrisy, because, God give you a gift is part of the justice from Him, and it’s justice we return the good we are receiving from Him (Psalms 7:17), that’s why, let’s don’t take from our mouths the sentence in everything: “Thanks God, Christ and Holy Spirit”.

We can give the best of us in every opportunity appears in our fronts: someone called you to dance, so, you do the best to dance, you sacrifice your body to dance the best you can (not for competing but, for honor the gift that God gave to you). Someone calls you to sing, so, go ahead and sing with the bigger love you have. You are good in communication? Why be lazy in speak? Speak because “Christians are socio-communicative persons”-brother Eli Soriano (I really love this sentence ☺[1 Corinthians 16:14]). Well, but the things aren’t like we are thinking, the things aren’t easy as you are thinking. And why?

When I was a child, I was the sensation in my private schools (and even in the publics) I have studied. I was famous because I danced so cute in the kinder garten in point of the daughter of the school owner (that was elder) arrives in the class room and say to stop the class and say to me start dancing our formature dance because I did it so right and cute. The same in Minas Gerais-BR, school, who remember when funk was something very normal to kids due to the inocence of them when they are listening the lyric? (And irresponsibility of the parents) Who remember that when the musical group ROUGE, with the satanic lyrics was a transient success and we dance it without understanding anything about massonary? (Parents without wisdom!), Anyway, I shine a lot and the kids that was my enemies, in that years, always called me to dance with them, even being old kids and understand that they hate me.

In the teenagers years, my gift of singing was mature already and in the públic school in Sumaré, among my classmates I was famous due to I speak english without attending in an English school and because I sang “Michael Jackson” cutest yet. Even one girl that was my enemy (teenagers!) was smiling to me happy for what I was doing…and the bibliotecary woman, she when listened me singing, she was amazed, even my enemy, a repetent grade girl was there and told me I sing very good. The bibliotecary told me that if I could dance tango with other boy in the end-of-schoolar-year party, and for that, it must be someone cult and with posture as me…may God bless these persons for each grain and drop of kindness and mercy they showed for me, and sorry if I, in that time harmed you all, my dears.
The normal and the most normal, the most of the most normal thing is, when you meet someone that have a perfect gift, you just must give space, opportunity for this person. When God gave it to him/her, He has given not because He loves more this one, but yes, for this person also do good for others in this humanity (Romans 12:17/ 12:6-9). Not to boasting, but, for the good, for be example in the middle of others (Matthew 5:16).

But nowadays, this true continues the same, the only problem is with the heart, mind and spirit of the persons: right for them is to block, oppress and lie to the person who has the gifts from God, one, two, gifts or all of them in one person. More, to put others, that are with their gifts in developing yet, or, that just think they have gifts or if who is “in power” can distribute positions, he/her will put in the position that belongs to who has the perfect gift, the persons that serves them with material goodies or persons that pleases their hearts, just for try to kill and try to stop, for pure greed or for pure evilness, only God for knowing these satanic and dirty hearts, isn’t? (Jeremiah 17:9-10)

Nowadays, I have learned how to be a fighter for the things I am wishing. This is very good, because, I have learned together all the difficulties I am meeting in all the years of my life, more in the last 4 years how to be more prudent and don’t allow myself be won by those who has me as an enemy and everybody that is closing the ways and doors for me. In the end of my fight, I will just harvest peace and a fruit best than I was planting and imagining for me, because it is a true, read Genesis 34 until 50 for you understand what I am talking about ♥ .

When I was youngest (imagine, from last year behind and a little of this January and February), my body that was sick already, could not bear the big oppressions I suffered, in point of even my spirit and soul became weak and more sick. But by the mercy of God, I understood that nothing could be easy if I am someone that has the true intentions of do what is right in long of my life, that I could not be sick, or, I could die by myself imprudence and if I am suffering, everything is alright, because it is consequence for I am be serving God with diligence (2 Timothy 3:12). So, everything is working for my good (Romans 8:28).
In the sight of those who doesn’t understand it, can think that it all is thing of crazy, but it is not: when everything is coming to your hands easy, you have the opportunity of despise all very easy too, because, what are not conquered with dificulties, goes by very fast (and by what I am seeing, has not many time working). To fight for something (s) is the most correct way to say that you are woth of meriting what you are running (living) for, and not only this, you gain many capacity if you keep strong and corajous:

♥Capacity of working hard (1 Corinthians 4:12);
♥Capacity of enduring “come what may”(Hebrews 10:36);
♥Capacity of be corajous and strong (Joshua 1:9);
♥Capacity of trust more in the Lord and gain wisdom (Psalms 111:10)
♥Capacity of know how to behave in each situation wisely (Philippians 4:12)
♥Capacity of submit yourself to God words and don’t be defeated by wrong words from men (1 Corinthians 4:6).

Before a time, you will feel in peace because you are attending all the wills of God (Luke 2:14), and then, approved by God (2 Corinthians 2:9). There’s no better way of enjoying the opportunities given by God to us with wisdom (Psalms 37:30), justice (Psalms 11:5) and humble (Proverbs 15:33) and yet, with good names in the sight of God (James 2:23). How good is to fight for justice and for what God requires you do in this earth, isn’t friends?

While we are alive, friends, let’s be careful with each proposte done by persons of all positions by us, maybe they are taking positions from others to give to you, what will make any suffered righteous fight hardest instead crying, and in the future, punishment to both sides: for who wants pervert the justice and for is helping pervert the justice, because God is the lawyer and witness of each righteous (Job 16:19). Let’s learn be humble and catch only what belong to us, because, spiritually, you don’t need steal an object for be a robber, you just need catch something, even positions and glories that doesn’t belongs to you to become one(Psalms 50:18).

Friends, I have peace, because I don’t allow myself be cheated by anyone that comes against the Bible saying that I am wrong, if I walk inside the Bible, the justice of the Bible is what will protect me, and all of us against all evil, all foolish and all people which lacks wisdom (Luke 21:15).

Bellow, I will let you some hints of how to think and how to act if for you all ways and doors are closed. I thank God, Christ and Holy Spirit for one else way they are giving for me to share my experiences and help all those who are in the situations I am, was, and I am seeing. My words here aren’t to show myself or to boast, but only to explain all to you have the same peace of mine. God bless all of us, my friends, love you all.

Hints for all those who are suffering for doing and efforting for what is good:

People who suffer are those who are kind, mercy, has a big/good heart and are ready to do all what is good. If you are someone of evil intentions, you will not suffer persecutions, but you are who will persecute. Righteouss friends, these people lack of wisdom and peace, when they come to you, you all need be very well armed, so, study the Bible to rebuke each wrong word of them against you (Luke 21:15);
The Bible is rich in truth and wisdom, it is what will make you live (Hebews 10:38), so, don’t look behind and if you know the true, why live in lies, you can’t win and be worth of what you are efforting in the fight if you back off;
There’s no needing in fight with human weapons; human weapons brings the death of your enemies, but brings yours too (if you kill someone, your conscience will accuse you until Satan makes you commit suicide). Wear spiritual weapons as the developing of your gifts, hours of Bible reading, verses memorizes, good conduct and sure, wisdom, that brings you peace.
Never forget to pray (1 Tessalonians 5:17). You can’t gain anything if you don’t use the way more easy of be closest to God.
Don’t be egoist in your prayers. Other people are also needing prayers and nobody remember of them (Philippians 1:4), God will not forget of helping you, if you also don’t forget of others (Isaiah 49:15).
No matter what happen, never despise your enemies, they will need of you and all of the good you have to help them to remember that Who is with you is different of who is with them (Proverbs 25:21-22);
Never be sad or disturbing yourself with words of repentance or showing tired for being fighting. These words are a desgrace for the spirit, mind and heart. Change these words for thankful words to God, that is Who is with you and will bless you better than you are waiting for (Psalms 21:7/ 31:19)
Hundred and thousand people will accuse you from things you didn’t. Is in this moment that you must be mental and spiritual strenght and prepared for don’t be cheated by the mistakes and believe in all the things the evil persons says (take attention in all the details [Matthew 5:11]).
Take care of yourself health state; Satan and demons take advantage of you when your body is weak and not read to do what is right (Jeremiah 33:6/ 3 John 1:2).

♥ Kisses with Love ♥



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